Post-Purchase Home Insurance Inspections

Row of colorful suburban homes with green grass and blooming spring trees

You’ve found your dream home, settled in after a successful inspection and closing, then a contractor from your home insurance company knocks on your door for a post-purchase inspection. Did you know this is a common practice? Here’s why these inspections matter: Identifying Hidden Issues: Even the most thorough pre-purchase inspections may miss hidden issues […]

Tax Abatements 101

When you invest in renovations or build a new home, your property taxes may go up. The City of Cincinnati’s Residential Tax Abatement (RTA) allows owners to pay taxes on the pre-improvement value of their property for 10-15 years. RTAs are available for both building new homes and renovating existing properties. Property tax abatement is […]

A Day in the Life Of a Realtor in the Early 90’s

To properly understand what it was like to be a Realtor in the early 90’s, imagine heading to work and leaving your cell phone and computer behind. Basically, no contact with customers, family, or co-workers unless you are in the office, calling from a pay phone, or at home with a landline. Communication was clearly […]

Thinking Of Moving, But Don’t Know Where To Begin?

Female realtor welcoming young woman into a home she is showing.

You are not alone, we get this question a lot and can help. Whether you are renting and looking to buy your first home, buying your next home, or considering downsizing, you’re not the only one struggling to make this decision. Ultimately, it is an individual decision, but here are some things that we believe […]

Why is a Home Inspection Necessary?

One female realtor and one female home buyer standing at a kitchen counter reviewing paperwork together.

Great question, let us break it down for you. After what may have been a long house hunt, a home inspection is one of the final obstacles between you and moving into your new home! A home inspection is critical for your safety and peace of mind. You will receive a thorough, in-depth visual examination […]

Ten Steps to Buying a Home

Two females side by side at a table one looking at a computer, one looking at a phone, both engaged with each other

First time buying a home or need a refresh on buying basics? We’ve got 10 steps to keep you on track from your first showing to the closing table. Step 1: Meet with us so we can get to know you and understand your wants and needs Step 2: Meet with a lender to know […]

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Carol Harris


With a 35+ year career in real estate, Carol has an unmatched experience in the Cincinnati residential market. Carol started her career partnering with Cincinnati’s first full-time female realtor, Sheila Miller. With Shelia’s mentorship, she developed a wealth of knowledge and built a reputation for selling high-end real estate. Carol and Shelia became one of Cincinnati’s leading teams, selling many of the city’s most expensive and iconic properties. Carol continues to grow the team through the examples of mentorship and teamwork. She is proud of what The CK Group is growing into and thankful for the chance to share, mentor, and work alongside such an outstanding group of women.